Friday, September 2, 2011


As you see, I am at home today. I have asthma, and there is no air at work. I cannot do massage in rooms that are 78-80 degrees with a little fan, and crappy ventilation. I may miss 4 days of work. No one called me. I drove in just so 20 min later, the manager could tell me to go home. Should I have jeopardized my health and stayed? I am going to get some reading and writing done! And play, of course, got to play.  I hope to get some serious writing done if I can't work.  I hate being out the income, but a person's health is important also.
So to start the evening off right, ladies...  Do you have a story for this guy?
Or what about these guys?  Ride 'em, Cowboys!


  1. I dont have a story but thanks for the eye candy!

  2. I wonder how much these dudes spend on baby oil every month. They're pretty shiny.

    Sorry to hear about your day - but, you're right - this humidity is hell on the asthma.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks You to stay cool and stay safe. LOL Baby oil. Thanks for that visualLMAO