Saturday, September 3, 2011


It may be sexy Saturday on twitter, but it is Simply Steamy Saturday here in St. Louis.  It means I have plenty of time to read and write.  It is too damn hot to go out and do anything.  So I will keep this short and post some hot photos so even in the comfort of your air conditioned home, you might need a cool shower or at the very least a fan.

Hmm who wouldn't want to be rescued by this hunky firefighter!

 Yummy! Can I have one of each?

For those that like the ladies!
Firefighters come in all shapes!

Save me Please!

 Can I play?

Here is some more luscious EYE CANDY to celebrate those hot guys and gals in uniform!  Now, Now people no "emergencies just to gt these hottie's to come to the rescue!

Have a great Hot Sexy Saturday!  

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